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In our media-saturated society, multicultural writers have discovered the stage as their medium of choice. These scenes and monologs by new writers of the multicultural experience are certain to inspire actors and directors. Playwrights include: Akuyoe, Alvarez, Bedonna, Barroga, Brody, N. Cruz, M. Cruz, Corthron, Field, Gonzalez S., Gotanda, A. Gray, Hazzard, Hairston, Huie, Kearns, C.W. Lewis, Lott, Lyles, Mellencamp, Morse. Nord, Osborne, Shiomi, Svich, C. Smith and Karen Tei Yamashita. The scene selections offer unusually challenging characterizations for virtually any actor or acting student. All selections are for one or two actors. An excellent collection for expressing cultural diversity while offering an expanding range of new material. Three sections: Scenes and Monologs of the Hispanic-American Experience, Scenes and Monologs of the African-American Experience, Scenes and Monologs of the Asian-American Experience.

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